Measuring For Success

Measuring for success

Having the best lens in the world means very little if they are put in the wrong place! The great surprise we have in our industry is that many practitioners are trying to fit lenses using decades old techniques and technology. Look at your phone, how much does it have in common with the phone your parents used? What about your grandparents’ phone?

Lens technology has also moved far beyond the types of lenses we had available in years past. While this results in optical performance that is vastly superior to the older designs they also demand greater fitting precision than ever before.

At Hannaford Eyewear we are constantly evaluating the latest lens designs and measuring systems to ensure the best integration and results. Over the years we have watched the best measurement techniques grow from the old ruler and dot, various practical devices, the many attempts to get apps to identify the lens fitting parameters and finally systems like the ImpressionIST.

The latest generation of measurements systems are truly remarkable and make all other systems almost completely redundant. By taking multiple simultaneous images that are overlaid it is possible to create three dimensional models of the frame/face relationship, something that previous systems have struggled to achieve.

Knowing exactly how the lenses, frame, eyes and face are related allows many more compensations to be made. We can allow for everything from the distance of the lens from the eyes, to the tilt and even the wrap of the frame. This technology can be applied to almost every type of lens use, from reading through to progressive multifocal lenses.

So when your practitioner reaches for their ruler and a marker, ask them if they know of a better way to fit your lenses. We do.

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