Hannaford Eyewear At Rodenstock HQ Munich

“Defective sight is not a disease and can be overcome when the system of vision is fully understood”

-Josef Rodenstock 1846-1932

Grant and Thao Hannaford had the distinct pleasure of touring Rodenstock’s major laboratory in Europe recently. This enormous building has three levels and produces ophthalmic lenses for the whole world. It has over 1000 employees to run it’s laboratory and is about to go into 24/7 production. It was incredible to see the link from research and development to the final product. The tolerance for error is zero. This is why when there is an occasional delay in lenses being delivered, it’s because the lenses did not pass quality control. This is why at Hannaford Eyewear we choose Rodenstock for your lenses. You deserve the best. Thank you to Tomas Grman (head of sales and marketing Eastern Europe) and Georg Mayer (head of international lab support and corporate Rx lens production) for spending time with us at Rodenstock’s laboratory.

Grant and Thao were at Rodenstock headquarters in Munich as well. They had the opportunity to learn about the DNEye and how it, combined with the Impressionist and skilled optometrists, will produce the perfect lens for each individual patient. This is a major breakthrough considering the Gullstrand eye has been the basis for ophthalmics for the past 109 years. Now this clinical technology is allowing truly individualised parameterisation of ophthalmic solutions for patients by taking into consideration biometric data of the individual eye. So rather than using averages, it is now possible to make a lens which is optimised for each patient’s visual system resulting in the best vision possible.

Thank you to the following staff at Rodenstock HQ for sharing these new developments:
Johannes Borsch (operations manager)
Patrick Seitz (group product manager lenses)
Daria Evdokimova (project and product manager lenses)
Yohann Benard (research optometry optics)
Helmut Altheimer (research engineer optics senior principal)
Anne Seidemann (senior manager research optics)

At Hannaford Eyewear, we are always looking at new ways to improve vision. It’s an exciting time to be in optics and we can’t wait to share more about this latest advancement in lens technology. #rodenstock #hannafordeyewear

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