Frequently Asked Questions

Hannaford Eyewear offers a variety of products including fashion frames and sunglasses, optical lenses, contact lenses, low vision aids (magnifiers), eye care solutions and accessories.


Our optical frames are made from quality acetates and metals including titanium, gold and nickel free for those with metal allergies. Not only are sunglasses available for the adults, we also have children’s sunglasses and a range of ski goggles and sports eye wear.


DSC_0291Frames can be divided into two main categories, plastic and metal, each with its own distinct properties and styles.


This group of materials is no longer restricted to the old plastic frames from the 1950’s! In fact it contains some of the most exciting new design innovations in recent years. Most frames in this category are either cast in a mould, giving inexpensive frames, or cut from acetate sheets. It is the acetate sheets, which enable the greatest variation of styles with some even incorporating lace and fine objects into the frame! While very attractive and durable, plastic frames do have the disadvantage of being unable to repair should breakage occur within the material itself.


By far the largest of the frame families this group contains many interesting designs and shapes as the metal can be worked far more intricately than plastic. Some of the more common frame materials are:


The most common material in current use, it is strong, easily worked and in the event of disaster, is readily soldered to great effect. The quality of the metal used will directly impact upon the price of the frame. Stainless Steel – This metal will give even finer results while maintaining strength and flexibility. It has a very long service life but can be slightly trickier to repair.


By far the strongest of the metal materials currently in use, titanium gives long service life, lightweight frames and high comfort. One form of titanium is even work to allow the metal to have a ‘memory effect’ whereby the frame will return to shape after it has been bent. One of the most successful uses of titanium has been in the Titan Minimal Art range of rimless frames, which weigh less than 4 grams for the chassis and has no screws at all! These frames have been selected by NASA as the frame of choice for space missions. Not a bad testimonial at all.


Rolled gold is a great choice for those looking for a refined, distinguished frame, while more expensive it is very long lasting and ideal for those with sensitive skin Other material such as magnesium are being developed and may even prove to knock titanium off the ultra light throne, come in and see our range of new lightweight metal frames incorporating some of the latest metal technology.

Hypoallergenic Frames

Do you have sensitive skin? Come in and ask our staff about the wide range of frames available for those with sensitive skin or nickel allergies. We can get you into the styles you love again without discomfort!


Whatever your lifestyle we can find the right lens choice for you. Our trained and licensed staff can guide you through the seemingly endless array of lens choices, including the following:

Lens Designs

Whatever your lifestyle we can find the right lens choice for you. Our trained and licensed staff can guide you through the seemingly endless array of lens choices, including the following:

Single Vision Lenses

DSC_0113Ideal for reading spectacles, distance or driving spectacles or for those who only need one prescription for all tasks. They can also be made in aspheric designs, which give greatly enhanced optical performance across the lens surface.

Bifocals and Trifocals

These are the more traditional approach to eye conditions like presbyopia. They generally provide a distance zone in the top of the lens with either one or two sections in the lower portion of the lens used for intermediate or near tasks. These lower sections can be of varying sizes and can be set to accommodate specific tasks, for example, golf or needle crafts.

Extended Focus Lenses (Degressives)

These lenses have come about due the use of digital devices in today’s world. They are perfect for those working in an office or an environment which requires intermediate and near distances to been seen. They are often referred to as “PC” glasses.

Progressives (Multifocals)

Providing a lens that accommodates all working distances from long distance down to near tasks, these lenses are fast becoming the only choice for everyday wearers of spectacles. By enabling one pair of lenses to be used for almost any situation the wearer need not change their spectacles every time they want to change task. Many of you will be familiar with the original design progressive lenses that worked very well but still experienced some minor limitations at certain working distances. Thanks to developments in lens surfacing technology it is now possible to completely customise each lens to incorporate your frame choice and your needs. Whether it is for a computer programmer who plays football or an accountant with a pilot’s license, the lens can be built to your exact needs.



The more common resins for lenses are included in this field. In fact most lenses dispensed in the world today stem from the same resin family. It is lightweight, has excellent optical qualities (thanks to the ease with which it can be worked) and when coupled with the advanced coatings now available, is extremely scratch resistant.


Glass is the more traditional choice for lenses. It has excellent optical qualities and scratch resistance but does have the disadvantage of low impact resistance and high weight.

Impact Resistant Plastics

Polycarbonate and phoenix (trivex) are the two main materials for impact resistance. Polycarbonate possesses high impact resistance and low weight but suffers from low chemical resistance, is easily scratched without extensive coating and is subject to chromatic aberrations (splitting of light into component colours). Phoenix also has high impact resistance and is the lightest material currently available. It also does not succumb to chemical attack, has none of the chromatic problems associated with polycarbonate and incorporates one of the most scratch resistant surface coatings as standard.

High index plastics

These materials provide thinner, more appealing lenses by using plastics that can bend light more efficiently, thus enabling a thinner lens to perform the same tasks. When coupled with advance lens designs such as aspheric surface they can also give wider fields of vision to those who have higher prescriptions.

Coatings and Treatments

DSC_0102Hard Coats

At Hannaford Eyewear all of our lenses come standard with hard coats. This ensures that you lenses will be durable and provide lasting quality.

Multi or AR Coats

Multicoats are a valuable tool for increasing the light transmission of a lens. Much like the coating on a camera lens they remove almost all surface reflection and allow light to pass through to the eye. The net result of this is a great reduction in eye fatigue making them particularly valuable for all lens users.

UV Treatment

All lenses made at Hannaford Eyewear incorporate UV protection as standard for your protection, and like hard coats they are part of our service to you.


For sunglasses or even general purpose and fashion lenses we can provide any tint that you require using our onsite tinting facility. Included in our tints is a lifetime warranty that gives you access to free tint adjustments during the life of the lens. Come in and discuss what tints may be best for you.


Polarising lenses use a filter to block out glare. They are particularly useful in high glare situations such as the beach and water sports. Polarising filters are available in all lens types from single vision through to progressives.

Specific Use Spectacles


Hannaford Eyewear has everything that the sports person could need for their optical needs including optical solutions for the following:

  • Racquet sports
  • Diving
  • Rock climbing/mountaineering
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • The list goes on!!

DSC_0105Industry and safety

Cast your mind back to the times that something has almost hit you in the eye. Whether for work, at home or on the farm, we can provide you with a safety solution that can protect your most valuable sense.


Do your spectacles need some help to see another day? We have an extensive spare parts network and on site soldering to get your spectacles back up and running in no time.

Spectacles not broken? Come in for a complimentary ‘tune up’ anytime, we can pick up any future problems and get them sorted out before they get out of hand!

Contact Lenses

There times where you may have felt that your spectacles have gotten in the way such as when playing sports or other times where you just want to go out or that special occasion where you just don’t want to wear glasses! Contact lenses may be an option for you and unlike surgery, it is reversible.

There are many types of contact lenses available including:

  • Disposables
  • Conventional soft lenses (custom made)
  • Rigid gas permeable (RGPs)
  • Specialty designs for conditions such as keratoconus and myopia control

Disposable lenses are commonly advertised and these can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even 3-6 monthly replacement. These can be worn as a daily wear lens or an extended wear (able to sleep in them) lens. There are even coloured contact lenses to change the colour of your eyes!

Since the contact lens is in ‘contact’ with your eyes, it is of utmost importance that your optometrist not only initially fits the contact lenses but also to have regular check ups to maintain the contact lens performance and eye health. And nowadays, new contact products are becoming available so frequently to address issues which wearers have come across over the years, that there will most likely be one to suit your needs.