Making Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

Making Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

Well maybe not quite the cloak itself but we can certainly make things disappear with optics! Have you ever wondered how a lens actually works?

Optics is one of the most fascinating fields in science as it allows exploring minds to engage and immediately see the results of their experiments. Over the years we have constructed kits for students to present as science projects such as telescopes and magnifying systems. We’ve even helped to make a room sized camera obscura for a HSC student with fantastic results!

A little while ago an interesting experiment came across our desk regarding the Rochester cloaking device that uses lenses to render objects inside the system invisible (Click here for the research). Now, it just so happens that we have access to a ready supply of lenses and Grant was more than willing to spend some time working with the experiment to replicate the results and needless to say it left him inspired.

Depending on interest, we are looking at holding classes where we will be conducting a series of experiments in our front window and everyone is welcome to come and join in. The first will be a basic imaging exercise, followed by dispersion experiments and finally our Rochester Invisibility Cloak. There will be explanations of the relevant phenomena by UNSW adjunct senior lecturer Grant Hannaford and everyone is encouraged to get involved with setting up and running the experiments. Our results will stay in place so that the people of Bowral can marvel at your scientific prowess!

We are also available to come to your children’s school to deliver classes on all aspects of optics and photonics from primary school to HSC level content.

Please register your interest by making contact with us today.

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