ROAD 2 Driving safety

Are you seeing everything out there on the road?

Did you know 73% of motorists say they experience visual discomfort from the glare of oncoming headlights? 60% of motorists feel affected by poor vision when driving. 50% of motorists struggle with night driving. 1/6 of road collisions are a direct result of a driver with substandard eyesight on the road.*

Common vision causes of car accidents include:

– visual fatigue

– failing to look

– looking but failing to see

– distractions from instruments

– dazzle or glare

– misjudging road conditions

Seeing the road ahead

While not all of these factors may be completely eliminated it is easy to see how good vision and lenses designed for driving may be of great benefit in reducing these numbers. The Rodenstock Road 2 lens is now available at Hannaford Eyewear, bringing with it some of the most advanced designs and technology to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones on the road.

Glare – and advanced filter system blocks specific wavelengths of light identified to be the causes of glare and discomfort

Fatigue – cutting edge lens designs and the same filters have been demonstrated to reduce driver fatigue

Clarity – multifocal wearers will now be able to enjoy the absolute widest fields of vision available in a lens

Road 2 lenses are specifically designed to allow drivers to view their wing mirrors with minimal or no head turn, mimicking natural vision as closely as possible. This wider field of vision is key to the importance of the Road 2 lenses as a valuable safety tool.

Enhance your driving experience and look forward to a safer, more comfortable journey with the Road 2 lens, available at Hannaford Eyewear Bowral.  Click on the image below to view the Rodenstock Road 2 lens video.