Novelty Contact Lenses & Halloween

At some point in the past decade Halloween has popularised itself across Australia. While I was growing up Halloween was always an American ‘thing’. It was something we saw in American movies and a part of American culture. Halloween was an eve celebration of the feast of All Hallow’s Day: a three day observance of […]

What makes a good spectacle frame?

Many times when choosing a frame we get asked why one is more expensive than another. It’s a valid question and while there are brands that just inherently cost more, at Hannaford Eyewear we choose frames that have a direct link between quality and price. By doing this we ensure that you are getting the […]

What colour is this handbag?

Remember that white-gold or black-blue dress debate last year that divided the internet? Taylor Corso (@whyofcorso) tweeted this image with the caption “Everyone say hello to my new baby.” Someone responded “White. Daring.” To which she replied “It’s blue.” So a new colour debate is born #mybag. The bag is said to be ‘mystic blue’. […]

Screen time and blue light

Screen Time & Blue Light – ‘Getting the Blues’ Blue light Technology has delivered an astounding array of developments over recent decades. Computers have moved from room sized arrays to, quite literally, the palm of our hands and the interface between the device and us, the screen, is becoming the source of greater scrutiny. In […]

Facial Measurements & Online Spectacles

Some years ago there was a rush by website developers to offer online spectacles and we often get asked why we don’t have an online spectacle shop as well. The answer is quite simple, one of the most fundamental parts of getting accurate spectacles made is the facial measurements and we can’t get those via […]

Tulip Time 2016

                      We’ve been hard at work for Tulip Time 2016. Every year Bowral puts its best foot forward and we decided that we wanted to do something extra special. Taking old unusable lenses we have been cutting them into tulips and hand tinting them in […]

Southern Highlands Business Awards

The team at Hannaford Eyewear are excited to announce that we are once again finalists in the Southern Highlands Business Awards. We would like to thank all of our wonderful patients for their support over the years. We couldn’t do it without you!

Impression Freesign 3

Until the end of September Hannaford Eyewear is offering incredible deals on Impression Freesign 3 Progressive lenses. Over $200 in savings to be had, contact us today to learn more. UPDATE: Please note that this offer has now ended but we have plenty more amazing value available, contact us now!