Beware of Halloween Eyes!

At some point in the past decade Halloween has popularised itself across Australia. While I was growing up Halloween was always an American ‘thing’. It was something we saw in American movies and a part of American culture. Halloween was an eve celebration of the feast of All Hallow’s Day: a three day observance of […]

Measuring For Success

Measuring for success Having the best lens in the world means very little if they are put in the wrong place! The great surprise we have in our industry is that many practitioners are trying to fit lenses using decades old techniques and technology. Look at your phone, how much does it have in common […]

Making Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

Making Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak Well maybe not quite the cloak itself but we can certainly make things disappear with optics! Have you ever wondered how a lens actually works? Optics is one of the most fascinating fields in science as it allows exploring minds to engage and immediately see the results of their experiments. […]

Eye Care In Sports

Sports, Safety & Your Eyes While all sporting activities carry a degree of risk there are some that are more prone to eye injury than others. It is important to consider this when taking up a sport as eye protection, just like any other piece of sporting equipment is vital to not only safety, but […]

ROAD 2 Driving safety

Are you seeing everything out there on the road? Did you know 73% of motorists say they experience visual discomfort from the glare of oncoming headlights? 60% of motorists feel affected by poor vision when driving. 50% of motorists struggle with night driving. 1/6 of road collisions are a direct result of a driver with […]

5 reasons progressive lenses fail

5 Reasons Progressive Lenses Fail Progressive, or multifocal, lenses have developed an undeserved reputation for being difficult to use. People have reported that they feel unstable, can’t read or even can’t see out of them at all. The vast majority of adaptation issues with progressives lenses aren’t from the lenses at all, rather they are […]

Making your spectacles

Vision and Learning

“I used to think I didn’t like to read because I was stupid, now I know it was a problem with my eyes.” Dr. Cameron McCrodan, an optometrist from Canada, began his TEDx talk with the above quote. This came from a 50 year old gentleman who had been successfully treated for a reading/learning disability […]

Why is it so?

A clear lens casts a black shadow. How?   We thought we’d post this picture we took during concept development of our upcoming blue light window display. So why is it that the spectacles and the large lens leaning at top left cast a black shadow but the two lenses at the bottom do not? […]

Anti Glare Coats?

Anti Reflection lenses or Anti Glare? This is a remarkably big topic but we do get asked this a lot so we shall try our best to explain without descending into anything too horrendously complex! Is there any such thing as an anti glare coat? Not in the sense that some advertising campaigns might have you […]